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St. John’s Wort


✅ PREMIUM FORMULA OF 1000 MG ST. JOHN’S WORT. With 2 capsules of Nature’s Main St. Johns Wort you get all the benefits of this herb optimally standardized with 0.3% Hypercin extract, the substance that boosts its anti depressant activity and helps manage anxiety and day-to-day stress contributing to overall brain health. Tune yourself into the good vibes with our 100 St Johns Wort Happy Pills and enjoy the natural uplift in your emotional wellbeing.

✅ NATURAL ANTI DEPRESSANT AND ANTI ANXIETY. Also known as the HERB OF HAPPINESS, ST. JOHN’S WORT is widely considered to help in depression, stress relief, irritability, insomnia, and panic attacks. Research suggests that it increases the activity of brain chemicals such as serotonin and noradrenaline that help boost mood and improve the symptoms of depression, its effects being similar to those of standard antidepressant drugs, but with less side effects.

✅ ADRENAL FATIGUE AND HORMONE BALANCE FOR WOMEN. Even though St Johns Wort is most commonly used as a natural remedy for depression and other common issues such as anxiety, tiredness, loss of appetite and trouble sleeping, it’s also indicated for seasonal affective disorder and menopause. Because of its positive effects on mood, St. John’s Wort has been used as a natural aid for PMS symptoms, chronic fatigue and hormonal imbalance and menopause symptoms.

✅ ALLOW YOURSELF TO ENJOY THE HAPPY MOMENTS. With Nature’s Main anxiety supplements for brain health and mood support you get 15% discount when buying 5-HTP together with Saint Johns Wort. Due to 5-HTP’s role as the precursor to neurotransmitters responsible for mood support, as well as St. John’s Wort’s ability to improve mood and boost visual and cognitive perception, these two supplements are a powerful match when it comes to emotional wellbeing and stress relief.

✅ RISK FREE PURCHASE. You have nothing to lose as we’re so confident you’ll love our St John Wort depression supplements, so we’ll gladly refund your bottle if your symptoms do not improve. Our Premium St. John’s Wort Capsules are produced at a GMP certified lab within the United States of America. They provide real results, without unwanted side effects, and come with zero risk to back up everything we say. We are not happy unless you are happy.



The flowers of the St. John’s wort plant have been used medicinally for thousands of years. Today, St. John’s Wort is used to improve symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD, menopause and PMS. The plant contains the active chemical hypericin, and this may be what gives the herb most of its efficacy, along with other ingredients such as hyperforin and flavonoids.

Our researches crafted this formula standardized to contain 0.3 percentage Hypericin in 2 capsules adding up to 1000 mg dosage, making it a more potent aid in your emotional and mental wellbeing.

  • St Johns Wort promotes obtaining and maintaining a general well-being;
  • St. Johns Wort helps to relieve nervousness and induce a quiet sleep;
  • St John’s Wort combat depression, anxiety, and stress;
  • St Johns Wort ensures the normal functioning of the hepatic-biliary system and supports the detoxification of the liver, reduces inflammation and pain;
  • St Johns Wort relieves migraines due to the soothing properties;
  • St Johns Wort reduces effects of premenstrual syndrome and disorders related to menopause;

It generally takes a few weeks to several months to feel the benefits of St. John’s wort, so be patient and do not increase your dose without consulting your doctor first.

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